PHP Security Basics: Input Validation

Validation is a technique to ensure that input is secure before using it in your code.

When validating data, you are verifying that it corresponds to what the program needs. This only works if you have a list of criteria that you can check to determine that the data is valid.

In this article, we’re going to look at:

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Code Review Checklist

Code review has been an integral part of my career as a developer. Whether it in the beginning through reviewing themes for, reviewing client code at VIP, or now when reviewing code from peers as a Principal Engineer at Human Made.

Code review has both allowed me to learn and grow as an engineer, as well as teach and mentor other developers in return.

There is an ever growing number of issues that I look out for. This article is just a list of all these things, and the reference I use for reviews.

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How To Learn Gutenberg Development

With the WordPress 5.0 release date fast approaching, the developer community is looking for instructions on how to learn Gutenberg development.

I’ve been using Gutenberg on production projects since version 2.5.0, or April 2018. To prepare for my first Gutenberg project, I’ve used the exact steps I’ll outline below. Other colleagues at Human Made have followed a similar path, so this is a proven approach for learning to develop Gutenberg blocks.

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