These are the very best educational resources that I have found essential to furthering my career as an engineer.

Recommended Book

Making Things Happen: Mastering Project Management

The further you get in your career as an engineer, the more important project management skills become.

Written by the software industry veteran Scott Berkun, Making Things Happen offers philosophies and strategies for successfully delivering software projects.

The book is made up of a collection of essays. Each essay focusses on a specific aspect of project delivery. The tone is easy and approachable, and the author often includes anecdotes from his own work experience. In addition, the book includes exercises that help you put the offered advice into practice.

The book distills years off in the trenches experience from someone who worked Microsoft’s biggest projects. Its lessons will serve you well for any project that you are and will ever be working on.

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Recommended Book

Working Effectively with Legacy Code

The Must Read book for any software engineer. Because most of the code that we deal with is in fact legacy code.

Are you not convinced? How about these questions:

  1. Is the code easy to change?
  2. Can you get nearly instantaneous feedback when you do change it?
  3. Do you understand it?

If you answered any if these questions with “no”, then you are dealing with legacy code. And this is where this book comes in–it teaches strategies to deal with large, untested legacy code bases.

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