Theme Development

Gutenberg Colour Settings: The Ultimate Guide

The Gutenberg Block Editor allows users to customise text and background colours for different blocks.

In this article, we’ll first look at what these colour settings are, and how they work. We’ll then see how to disable the custom colour picker and the default colour palette. Finally we’ll learn how to add our own custom colour palette in a theme.

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The Ultimate Guide to Responsive Images in WordPress

Websites today are accessed by a variety of devices with different screen sizes and resolutions. Additionally these devices are often connected via low bandwidth connections.

While CSS and JavaScript can adapt designs to work well on small devices with touch screens, the content is still mostly identical. Users on a mobile phone will have to spend time and money downloading a large image meant for the desktop version, that then gets reduced to a much smaller size on their device.

Higher resolution, or retina screens, have also become a common feature among high end phones, tablets, and laptops. These devices need larger images, to account for their higher screen density. Serving content adapted to these devices was up until recently not possible with plain HTML.

The solution to these problems are responsive images.

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